Beauty School Dropouts

We spoke to the hottest girls in town, Emilie & Kristina from Beauty School Dropouts.

Where did your name come from?
Our business mentor, Regine from Victoire Boutique, suggested the name. It is a reference to the movie Grease (which we grew up watching on repeat) but it also speaks to the fact that even though we love manicures, we aren’t trained and we don’t do what you would expect. We both never graduated from beauty school (and we never even enrolled – but we do have university degrees). We are not your run-of-the-mill manicurists. The idea is that we take a traditional beauty ritual – manicures – to the next level. We love experimenting with colours and incorporating pretty much anything: pop culture, the season, a holiday, or even your weekend plans, into manicures.

How did you get into nail art?
We have always loved everything beauty related – especially nails. Doing our nails has been a hobby of ours for years now and we like to look at it as a calming and creative ritual. We started by simply trying out new polishes or glitters and eventually started experimenting with different shapes and patterns; slowly moving into the world of nail art.

We are both quite creative and have always been interested in many forms of art, and nail art is a way of expressing ourselves creatively. We have always loved getting together to have tea, chat, and manicure; it’s a social thing. Then we started doing this with groups of girlfriends – and adding in snacks, wine, and chick flicks. It was always a blast and, with every nail night, more and more of our friends wanted to get in on the fun nail action and have access to our supplies. That was when we knew that we wanted to be able to offer this experience to others who aren’t necessarily in our group of friends.

What do you offer?
We can fulfill any nail art desire you could come up with! Right now, we book private manicures in your home or at Victoire Boutique and we also specialize in nail parties. A nail party could happen alongside any occasion – a birthday celebration, bachelorettes, or any event you are hosting.

What makes you different?
Unlike many manicure salons, what we offer is a creative and social service. It’s a personal experience. We love chatting and getting to know people during the manicure and seeing their creative expression through what they ask to have done. We also love facilitating a fun evening of bonding and chatting through the nail parties. Beauty rituals are a great way for friends to get together, talk, and share with each other and creative nail art is a such a fun way to do this. Plus, after the nail party, you all have a personalized accessory to take out with you!

How can people book with you?
The best way to reach us is through our email Also, check out our blog and follow us on Twitter @BSDropouts¬†for updates on events. We can’t wait to do your nails!

Check out some of their amazing work! Moustaches, roses and lightening strikes!


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