Easy HalloweenMakeup Looks

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Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween is a little over a week away and, if you’re anything like me, you’ve left your costume decision to the last minute! Whether you’ve been busy and haven’t had time to think about it, or you’re just one of those people that hates dressing up, we’ve made it simple for you by compiling some suggestions for some easy last-minute costume ideas. Rather than spend a ton of money at a party or costume store, these ideas should be easy to achieve with what you already have in your makeup bag. All you’ll need to do is add a few affordable accessories to complete your look!


 Spooky Skeleton

This look is easy to achieve with some white and black eyeshadow! Simply use the white shadow to cover your face and then darken the eye sockets, cheeks and nose with the black shadow. If you’d like a more intense look, pick up some cheap face paints at the Dollar Store.  This was my Halloween look last year and I added detail to the mouth, cheeks and eyebrows with a black facepainting crayon. To complete this look, dress all in black or pair it with any skeleton-print attire you may have! Last year I managed to find a pair of long skeleton-print gloves at the Dollar Store, which worked perfectly.


Ventriloquist’s Dummy

Anyone else find ventriloquist dummies absolutely terrifying or is it just me? Must have something to do with the Saw movies… *shudders*. I think this is a creepy Halloween look, but it’s one that is also easy and affordable to do.  Some black eyeliner, false lashes, and blusher will have you freaking people out in no time. Make sure to wear your hair in braided pigtails and complete the look with a white shirt, bow tie, and suspenders. You can find the video tutorial HERE.


Calavera (Sugar Skull)

Calaveras are decorative representations of human skulls, often formed from sugar or clay. They are prominent features in the Mexican celebration the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). This is a very popular look that is a more stylish and glam version of the traditional skeleton. The look starts out with a white base, then the rest is really up to your imagination and the colours you have in your makeup bag! Accessorize with a flower crown and dress all in black, or wear the colours that match your painted face! Find the tutorial HERE.


Mystical Mermaid

I absolutely love this look and it’s much easier to achieve than you might think! To create the effect of mermaid-like scales, pull a pair of old fishnet tights over your face and sponge blue and green cream eyeshadows over them. You can also repeat this step on your shoulders and chest to maximize the effect. Glitter would certainly enhance this underwater look so don’t be afraid to go all out and throw some shimmer on as well! Accessorize with a seashell or two in your hair and you’re good to go! There’s a fantastic tutorial for this look, which you can see HERE.


Doe-eyed Deer

This look has been a popular one in the past few years as it’s super cute and easy to achieve with any brown-toned makeup that you own. Use brown shadow to contour the face and highlight the eyes with white. Black eyeliner will help create that wide-eyed look, which can be enhanced further with some false eyelashes. Dress in brown, earthy tones and if you have anything furry, such as boots or a fur vest, make sure to throw that on too! Antlers can be achieved with some twigs pinned into your hair, or failing that, put your hair into two high pigtails. Adorable!


Hope you have a happy and spooky Halloween! If you do decide to try any of the looks shown here, tweet us a photo of the final result! 

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