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The ultimate fat burn

Don’t be fooled by commercials or ads in magazines saying that you can hop on a treadmill or elliptical for 60 minutes and jog or speed walk to burn tons of calories or pounds of fat. You hear people talk about it all the time, but do you ever see anyone benefit from it?

When it comes to loosing those extra pounds of fat or burning off more calories your body needs to be shocked, your heart rate needs to race up and down. This H.I.I.T. treadmill cardio exercise I will tell you about is going to be shorter than your 60 minute jog on the treadmill or nightly speed walk and will burn twice as many calories. First off H.I.I.T. stands for high intensity interval training which you can apply in the weight room and the cardio room. This can be performed on a day off of the weights or right after a workout you had from using the weights. Do NOT do this before you go to your workout with weights!

First go do your weights. Move on and start your treadmill up and hit the incline bottom up to a slight incline (nothing high and all treadmills are different so don’t think they have the same incline numbers). Now find a speed you are comfortable with for a good speed walk and remember that number because you will be switching to that number continuously.

Let’s say you chose 3.5 for your speed walk, you will do that for 1 minute only then you will jack up the speed into a fast run. Find a speed you feel safe at to run fast for 30 seconds only and remember that number.

For example, you chose 6.5 for your fast run you will always use that number for 30 seconds. Once you’ve reached 30 seconds lower it back down to your 3.5 speed walk. You will notice now your heart rate just jumped fast, now as you are speed walking your heart rate is slowly lowering BUT it does not go back to what it started. This is because when the 1 minute is up you are hitting the speed button back up to 6.5 to run fast for 30 seconds and your heart rate is going to go even high this time.

I want you to complete this same cycle for 15 minutes ONLY! You will feel most exhausted than you did doing that 60 minute jog or speed walk that you use to do and you did burn a lot more calories as well. As you get better at this exercise you will notice it is not a challenge anymore for you so instead of doing it for 15 minutes complete it for 20 or 25 and I wouldn’t do any longer than that!

If you REALLY want to make this harder and push yourself then write down your speed for your speed walk and for your fast run the first time you did this exercise. Now try to increase that number, mostly try to increase the fast run number and keep the speed walk at the same. You want to allow your heart rate to go back down while walking that is the whole trick to spiking your heart rate to burning the fat. So, if you did 6.5 for your fast run try going to 6.8 or 7.0 running even faster making it harder.

NOTE: DO NOT hold on to the machine while running or walking!

In short: Speed walk for 1 minute, fast run for 30 seconds – repeat for 15 minutes.


Column written by Darecy DeCooman, from Ottawa’s No Excuse Fitness –



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  1. Syl says:

    I’ve been doing this exact workout for about three weeks now, and the results have been amazing. Was sooooo stuck in a rut, and this certainly gave me the jolt I needed. Much less harsh on my joints as well!! 🙂