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Try-Before-You-Buy Gym Passes

The holiday season is just around the corner and it may be a good time to think about your gym routine now. Come January, when everyone decides on their New Year’s resolutions and races to the gym, won’t you be glad you thought ahead?

Think about what you want in a gym – do you want one that offers classes? Has a pool? Somewhere to skate? Do your research and find what best suits you and your family.

Do you want a gym that is close to home or work? If you like to workout during your lunch break or straight after work, then check in your area. The same goes if you are someone who likes to workout at night or early morning, check close to home. You will be more motivated with a shorter drive!

When looking into gyms, keep an eye out for deals. Just like anything you want to try before you commit, it helps if you don’t have to pay a large cost upfront. For example, register for The City of Ottawa’s Try It! program and you have 30 days to try three classes or sessions for free! Try your hand at aquafit, group fitness, or an indoor cycling class and see what works for you! You can also use the squash or racquetball court, weight and cardio rooms, or check out a public skating session.

“This is a program that runs the whole year round and once signed up you have 30 days to use your three free visits, giving you plenty of time to explore the facilities. You’ll be given a tour so you get to see everything that is on offer,” says Christine Guay, Communications Coordinator at the City of Ottawa.

She continues: “Our facilities have something for everyone. They are available to those above the age of 13, and can be used towards really fun activities such as a public skating session. That’s something unique to this pass.”

What are you waiting for? Go on and give it a try!

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